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                    Empowering Organizations, Transforming Lives

 The Oregon Alliance is a dedicated champion and established voice in advocating for the safety, health, and well-being of children, youth, families, and communities across Oregon. We are a diverse group of organizations serving Oregon’s kids and their families at home, in school, in residential settings, and within the community. We join with dedicated community leaders, our partners in government, allied fields, and those we serve to deliver effective policies, best practices, and resources. We work to help all children and youth live better lives and for families and communities to thrive in every corner of Oregon. ​

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The Oregon Child & Family Center for Excellence strives to improve programs, services and service delivery for children, youth, and families, contributing to their well-being and success. We envision an Oregon in which every young person is valued and able to thrive in their home, school, and community—with access to the support that they need to succeed.

The team is charged with raising the bar for services offered to children and families through training, research, and community engagement, with the ultimate goal of developing the state’s workforce, guiding systems change, and supporting continuous improvements to quality of care.  

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The Oregon Alliance is proud to be an Oregon Site Steering Committee member of the Building Community Resilience Collaborative.

​The Building Community Resilience (BCR) Collaborative seeks to improve the health of children, families, and communities by fostering engagement between grassroots community services and public and private systems to develop a protective buffer against Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) occurring in Adverse Community Environments (ACEs) – the “Pair of ACEs." The BCR process offers a practical frame-work and toolkit on the science of resilience and hope for Oregonians. The BCR framework and toolkit will be a pillar of both theory and practical reference for the Center for Excellence’s work. BCR Oregon and the Center for Excellence will share resources to create a partnership that is sustainable, scalable, and impactful.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, Accessibility

At the Oregon Alliance and its sister organizations, diversity, equity, belonging, accessibility, and inclusion are at the very core of who we are. As a collaboration of member organizations throughout the state, we communicate across all levels in member agencies and with community partners. Our goal is to promote and advocate for system change, creating principles of respect, inclusion, and access to equitable services for our children, youth, families, and the communities we serve.

We acknowledge the systems we work in have implicit and explicit bias for children and families from communities of Black, Brown, Indigenous, LGBTQI+, and other marginalized people. We work to support them and lead from a framework of healing, engagement, and resiliency for all our children, families, and communities across our state.

Our aim is to promote a system of care that is fair and equitable for all and reverses the many decades of disproportionality that has impacted our communities in negative ways.