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The Oregon Alliance is a non-profit dedicated to championing and advocating for the health and well-being of children, families and communities across Oregon. We are an association whose members work in partnership to recognize and respond to the complexities of behavioral health, intellectual and developmental disabilities, emotional challenges, and trauma. Alliance members provide an array of critical services for children, youth, and families including behavioral and mental health services, homeless youth services, therapeutic residential care, and prevention services along with foster care, adoption, family reunification, education, and substance use treatment.

We connect with community thought leaders, our partners in government, allied fields, and the private sector to bring together the most effective policies, best practices, and resources to help kids live healthier lives and for families and communities to thrive in every corner of state. As importantly, we support Oregonians in becoming their own best advocates. Click on our members' logos to learn more about them. 























Saint Mary's Home for Boys 



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