What We Do


​The Oregon Alliance of Children's Programs formed in 1917 in order to create a stronger advocacy voice. For the last hundred years, we have been engaged with the Executive and Legislative branches of state government as well as every department and agency that touches children's lives.

Governor Brown signs a 2017 Foster Care bill with Alliance members and legislators. 
In the Executive Branch, we are engaged with the Governor’s office and their policy analysts in housing, child welfare, public safety, diversity/equity/inclusion and education.


​We work closely with state departments, divisions and leadership in Human Services, the Health Authority, the Youth Authority, Housing and Community Services, Education, and Medicaid Assisted Programs.

Governor Kitzhaber signs a Runaway and Homeless Youth bill sponsored by the Alliance.


​In the Legislative branch, the Alliance has introduced nearly thirty pieces of legislation in the last twenty years, testified on hundreds of legislative bills, is at the table for the development of concepts, and the creation of solutions.

Advocacy is the most compelling reason providers join the Alliance, and it is the most critical piece of work the Alliance does. Decades of credible work by the Alliance has established effective relationships with state agencies, the Governor's office, and the Legislature

Royce Bowlin, Alliance Executive Director and Representative Andrea Salinas, District 38, Lake Oswego 
​We advocate for the needs of children and families, and for the people who provide them services. This means our legislative focus is primarily on achieving well-being and success for children and families; and also on ensuring providers have the best possible environment in which to achieve those goals. We are routinely engaged in activities affecting regulatory oversight, administrative rules, contracting; development of Oregon’s policies and priorities for children, families and communities; building budget priorities and securing appropriations.

L to R Alliance Member Parrott Creek Executive Director Simon Fulford with Representative Sheri Schouten, District 27 - Beaverton, and
​Representative Rob Nosse District 42 - Portland


The Alliance contracts with a lobbyist who provides legislative insight, strategies, and access. Royce Bowlin, our Executive Director, directs legislative activities and lobbies, testifies, and mobilizes members. We make sure Alliance members are in the right place, at the right time, with the right message.